NIK (Nik Almonte) is an independent singer/songwriter from Long Island, NY representing TimelessMusic. N.I.K has professionally been recording music for 7 years and is growing his core fan base. Living in a time now where hate is so prevalent in society, N.I.K intends to spread love and positivity to the world one vibe at a time using hip-hop, jazz, and r&b influences.

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Sticky Pacaveli, a Liberian native who grew up in Liberia before moving to the US is an heavy lyrical influence. Pac dropped his single “White America” a couple years ago which led to the start of his music career and has been heating up ever since. He is dropping his next EP soon while trying to show the world how to think from a different point of view.

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Jonathan Ilunga is a fitness trainer and a nutritionist based out of the Rhode Island area. He does training sessions, workout classes and many more to fit your ideal body type.

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Acid Pictorial

Zackariah is a young photographer from the RI/NYC area. He learned to cultivate his skill into being able to bring his pictures to life with his vibrant touch, while also showcasing the world from his point of view. Zack does every type of shoot and he is also available for travel.

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Tola DRG

Tola, a Nigerian recording artist, musters the sounds, views and energy of Afro beats and r&b. His hit single “olomi” soon gained wide spread attention in Nigeria as he sets to drop his next project. Tola plans to branch out while mixing the sounds of Afro beats, hip hop and r&b to get a unique sound that’ll amaze the world.

Instagram - King_drg